MSS Tex & Marketing

MSS Text & Marketing is an apparel sourcing and product Development Company established in early 2007.

Today MSS Text & Marketing is represented in five countries i.e. Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

MSS Text & Marketing provides value-added sourcing services for all types of merchandise classifications. These include apparel, fabric, fashion accessories, home textiles and other goods related to the fashion and hospitality industries.

Our skilled professionals are specially trained to provide high-end sourcing and quality assurance to our clients.

Why We?

MSS Text & Marketing offers a significant set of advantages in ensuring the buying of quality product at a competitive price from a reliable source with on-time delivery. Some of the main components of the service offered by the company to buyers are:

  • Selection and introduction of reliable suppliers with strong financial background and a complete manufacturing set-up with appropriate systems / controls.
  • Achievement of competitive prices.
  • Effective Order placement.
  • Day-to-day follow up of Order until shipment.
  • Quality Control of goods at various stages of production through Inline and Final Inspections.
  • Regular information to the buyer about the price level in the producing country.
  • Effective reporting of Order status to buyers.
  • Assistance to buyer in developing new product and arranging samples.
  • Assistance to buyer and supplier in developing smooth clearance of LC and Shipping documents which helps reduce unnecessary delays.
  • A dedicated team of trained professionals with rich experience in every aspect of the apparel industry.

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